The Alkaline vs Acidic Debate

It’s a pitch that celebrities love: that the alkaline diet can help you lose weight and avoid problems like arthritis and cancer. In addition to the latest celebs, many health proponents claim that your blood needs to be of an alkaline pH level to keep you healthy and energized. Processed foods and commonly consumed items, such as red meat, wheat and sugar, cause your blood levels to become too acidic, which induces inflammation and compromises your health.

What is the Acidic/Alkaline Debate?

Your blood pH is normally between 7.35 and 7.45. Your body systems are responsible for maintaining this slightly alkaline level, and despite popular belief, the foods you eat do not affect your overall blood pH level. Although, too many refined grains and sugars as well as processed foods can raise inflammation and cause your systems to go into overdrive to maintain your alkaline status. What you eat isn’t going to make you more acidic, but it may make your body have to work hard to maintain a healthy pH level.

Eat Specific Foods

To make your body less acidic, alkaline diet promoters claim you should eat mostly fresh vegetables and fruits, soybeans and tofu, legumes and most nuts and seeds. Proponents of diets to reduce acidity say you should consume these foods raw, when appropriate, to maximize their nutritional and enzyme value. Fruits and vegetables that are especially anti-inflammatory and help keep you in an alkaline state are raisins, citrus, dates, and spinach. You might think acidic produce, such as tomatoes or lemons, raise acidity, but they actually promote alkalinity instead.

Avoid Acid-Inducing Foods

A diet to reduce your body’s acidity avoids all caffeine and alcohol. You’ll also stay way from diary, meat, most grains, eggs, and processed and packaged foods. Most cold cuts, breakfast cereals, milk, pasta, and oats should be off your plate if you want to follow the anti-acidity diet.

Bottom Line

You body maintains a healthy pH level regardless of what you eat. But, an alkaline diet is a healthy way to eat and may relieve some stress on your bodily systems. In addition, an alkaline diet is consistent with overall healthy eating—reducing your intake of convenience and processed foods and eating more fresh vegetables and fruits.


Basic food groups that are considered acidic, alkaline, or neutral:

ACIDIC: Meat, Poultry, Fish, Dairy, Eggs, Grains and Alcohol

NEUTRAL: Natural Fats, Starches and Sugars

ALKALINE: Fruits, Nuts, Legumes and Vegetables


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