Individuals are complex, and the underlying cause of problems is not always clear. At Dr. Ermshar & Associates, we utilize psychological tests and assessments to understand the nature of a problem and figure out the best way to address it. Assessments can address the nature of emotional difficulties, cognitive problems related to brain functioning, achievement deficits in academic settings, and/or career interests and preferences. Dr. Ermshar and her team provide comprehensive evaluations involving thorough clinical interviews, structured diagnostic assessment, collection of collateral information, and interpretation of standardized testing materials. Read more

Neurocognitive Treatment

Cognitive Retraining and Rehabilitation is an empirically validated treatment that improves cognitive and adaptive functioning for individuals with brain injury or cognitive impairments relating to ADHD, psychiatric illness, Dementia, Stroke, or other neurological disorders. Neurofeedback involves real-time video and sound displays of brain waves, allowing individuals to increase self-regulation and awareness of one’s volitional impact on brain activity. Research indicates Neurofeedback is extremely effective in the treatment of ADHD, addiction, aggression, anxiety, headaches, insomnia, and other disorders. Neurofeedback can also improve performance and foster creativity for professionals across disciplines. Read more


Quality of life is often compromised by personal, career, and/or relationship challenges and transitions.  Symptoms that cause depression, anger, anxiety, and other emotional pain can accompany these problems, often outweighing an individual’s ability to cope and effectively attend to daily roles and responsibilities.  Psychotherapy provides a safe, caring, and non-judgmental environment where challenges can be addressed to create positive and lasting change.  The positive effects of psychotherapy allow an individual to confidently identify future goals, develop effective coping mechanisms, and pursue a meaningful life informed by personal values.  For many, psychotherapy is an investment in self-development that will last a lifetime.  While most psychotherapy is provided in our office, Dr. Ermshar & Associates does provide psychotherapy within hospital settings. Read more


Dr. Ermshar is a board certified Forensic Psychologist who routinely consults with attorneys and courts throughout multiple stages of litigation.  In addition, Dr. Ermshar has testified over 100 times in juvenile, superior, and federal court.  Using her knowledge of both psychology and law, Dr. Ermshar provides expert testimony to assist the judge and jury in rendering a fair decision.  Forensic psychology involves  application of the science and the profession of psychology to questions and issues relating to law and the legal system.  Psycholegal issues are complex, often requiring assessment, evaluation, and consultation.  Dr. Ermshar is available to conduct psycholegal evaluations in her office, as well as in jail or prison settings. Read more

Inpatient Treatment

Dr. Ermshar is on the medical staff of both Las Encinas Hospital and Huntington Hospital, both located in Pasadena, California. Dr. Ermshar has extensive experience working in hospital settings and collaborating with psychiatrists, medical/surgical physicians, and other hospital staff in providing comprehensive care to patients. Services provided in an inpatient setting can include psychodiagnostic assessment, neurocognitive assessment (cognitive difficulties secondary to medical concerns), psychotherapy, and treatment recommendations upon discharge from the hospital. Read more

Companion & Coaching Services

Dr. Ermshar & Associates is proud to introduce coaching and companion services. These services encompass a variety of strategies and interventions that are ultimately tailored to the individual client needs. They include sober coaching, ADHD coaching, and direct support companion interventions. We have two amazing coaches available to our clients: Carter Hasbrook & Carol Davis. For a more detailed review of the services in each category, please read more below or call for more details. Read more


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