Neurocognitive Treatment

Cognitive Retraining and Rehabilitation

An empirically validated treatment, cognitive retraining and rehabilitation improves both cognitive and adaptive functioning for individuals with brain injury or cognitive impairments resulting from psychiatric illness, ADHD, Dementia, Stroke, and other neurological disorders.  At Dr. Ermshar & Associates, we provide specific skills training and metacognitive strategies to help individuals increase problem-solving skills and self monitoring.  Cognitive retraining addresses areas such as working memory, attention/focus, processing speed, and general frontal lobe functions, among others. By bolstering functional adaptation and establishing new cognitive approaches to compensate for neurological impairments, tailored interventions assist individuals to achieve independence in their home and community.


Dr. Ermshar & Associates provides neurofeedback to improve health and cognitive performance by producing physiological changes in the brain.  Real-time video and sound displays of brain waves allow individuals to increase self-regulation and awareness of one’s volitional impact on brain activity.  Research suggests neurofeedback is extremely effective in the treatment of ADHD, in addition to addiction, aggression, anxiety, PTSD, autism-spectrum disorders, depression, epilepsy, headaches and migraines, insomnia, Tourettes syndrome, and brain damage from stroke or traumatic brain injury.  In addition, neurofeedback is effective in improving performance and fostering creativity among professionals across disciplines.


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