Better Communication Between Partners

You have a choice every time you say something to someone. By your choice of words, your tone of voice, and your body language, you nurture or weaken a relationship. Now I know a few people will take this as bad news. They will ask: “Are you

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Anorexia Obesity & Depression linked to Neurosteroid

Women who struggle with anorexia nervosa or obesity exhibit low levels of a neuroactive steroid known as allopregnanolone, a metabolite of the hormone progesterone, according to a new study published in the journal Neuropsychopharmacology. Previous studies have linked low levels of allopregnanolone (allo) to depression and anxiety,

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The Human Frontal Lobes Publication

It was not long ago that scientists and clinicians considered the frontal lobes an enigma and could teach only vaguely about their functions. The fresh and contemporary third edition of this acclaimed book provides readers with critical analyses of newly discovered mechanisms and functions of the frontal

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What is #ADHD Coaching

Although numerous types of therapy and interventions exist for ADHD, the field of ADHD coaching is gaining attention with its effectiveness. Below I will discuss the nature of ADHD coaching, as well as how it differs from therapy for ADHD. ADHD coaching works with clients to achieve

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Steps to Help Children Manage Anxiety

The way we typically address anxiety is by focusing on what we are anxious about and then trying to get rid of the unpleasant symptoms and feelings. In light of uncertainty being an inevitable condition of life, certain mental health professionals are advocating for preventative steps in

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The Alkaline vs Acidic Debate

It’s a pitch that celebrities love: that the alkaline diet can help you lose weight and avoid problems like arthritis and cancer. In addition to the latest celebs, many health proponents claim that your blood needs to be of an alkaline pH level to keep you healthy

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Can Probiotics Replace Antidepressants?

The future of depression treatment might be chilling in the dairy case. A study published earlier this year in Nature Scientific Reports said that beneficial bacteria, commonly found in yogurt, could help relieve depression-like symptoms of mice. Over the last few decades, scientists have begun exploring the connections between

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Using Art Therapy to treat PTSD

Art therapy has grown exponentially over the past two decades, not only advancing treatment options but also advancing into different populations and treatment settings. In particular, art therapists have been working with a very special and unique population—the military. For over 15 years, post-9/11 military service members

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The Psychology of Breaking Any Bad Habit

As a smart, ambitious person, you know that bad habits keep you from reaching your goals. You know you’re capable of self-control. Yet, despite your best efforts, you’ve been unable to change. Whether it’s mid-day snacking, procrastinating, or skipping workouts, feeling powerless in the face of bad

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How Generosity Benefits the Giver

Altruism—the concern for the welfare of others—is considered a bedrock virtue by nearly all religions and cultures. From an evolutionary perspective, we’re wired for helping others. Giving of yourself—whether it is your time, energy or money—is not just of benefit to those you are helping; A wealth

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